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Water & Sewer Supplies

When your client's sewer and water systems need servicing, then trust in the experts who have been in this business for over 30 years. When you choose Zaharas Enterprise, you'll get unmatched customer service.


You'll get only the best brands to work with when you choose us as your supplier. Choose from the suppliers below and more; your sewer and water projects demand a plumbing supplier who can help meet your project timeline.

Contact Zaharas Enterprise today for your plumbing  supply needs.

Keep Your Sewers Clean

SDR-35/26 Sewer Pipe

SDR-35/26 Fittings

Fernco Couplings and Sewer Saddles

Manhole Steps

Manhole Frames and Covers

Schedule 40 Pipe

​​Schedule 10 Pipe

​​Schedule 40 Weld Fittings

Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings

Quality Underground Utility Products

Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings

Cast Iron Valve Boxes, Frames and Covers

Fire Hydrants, Gate Valves & Service Fittings

Copper Tubing

Pro Press Fittings

Flushing Hydrants & Sampling Station

MJ Fittings


Complete Drainage Products

Cast Iron Frames and Grates

  • Zurn

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